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Peacemaker Defense Group is an Organization that offers a wide range of Security Services ranging from Security Guards and Secure Transport to Executive Protection and Private K9 services. Based in St. Louis Missouri with locations in Florida, Georgia, and California, our unique and innovative approach to the task at hand is respected, proven, and effective. With over 80 years of combined experience in Federal & Local Law Enforcement, Diplomatic Security Services , Special Forces, and Private Security, our teams have successfully protected clients and their assets all over the world. 

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Cannabis Solutions

Through our relationships with those close to the drafting of the Missouri regulations and our experience with assisting our clients through the application process, we are able to help you stay compliant with regards to all facility security and transportation needs.

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Security Plans & Consulting

With our wide array of experience, Peacemaker Defense Group is able to provide end to end security planning, consulting, and implementation. From drafting security plans to installation and monitoring, Peacemaker is able to scale to our clients needs.

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Public Safety Services

We work with our clients to first access their needs and then place them with our trained, licensed, and insured security officers that will best fit their needs.


Canine Services

Training and providing our specialized Protection Canine Services to businesses, families, and individuals.

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Executive Protection

Comprehensive Close protection plans and services that mitigate risk for high profile individuals and their families

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Active Shooter Training

We have established an Active Shooter Awareness Training known as (ASAT).  Our ASAT training works in any industry and organizations of any size. We can prepare your organization to respond to violence.


Intelligence Services

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Special Operations

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Peacemaker Defense Group



“Peacemaker has a great team of professionals. Our staff always feels safe with them around. We have called them into service for staff security and property security and their response time is very fast sometimes within the hour. Excellent company with top notch people.”

Bill McCormac; News Operations Manager KMOV-TV

"My son went on vacation and after a week we could not get ahold of him, after exhausting countless hours with the local authorities a family friend referred us to Peacemaker Defense Group after a 45 minute conversation with the owner he had a local team on the case within an hour and his team in the air within the next few hours headed across the globe. Two days later they located my son safe and sound. These men are about their business and my family is forever grateful to them. "

Bill Medina, New York, NY

"Great team, top notch service, I've hired them for events and personal services and both were handled professionally" 

Stephen Walters, St louis, Mo

Business Manager

"The first five words of the company's mission statement and any company's mission critical criteria.... difference between other Executive Protection Companies and this one is they actually keep these values uppermost in their minds every single operation. Something seldom seen nowadays in a ever growing industry where many fake it to make it. These guys are air tight 360 degrees. All bases Covered. Zero room for error. Excellent Company"

Travis Partyka, Army Ranger Veteran

"Highly professional, excellent service from the start to finish. We'll recommend Peacemaker Defense Group for our next Client"

Ot Sripetch, Chiang Mi, Thailand

Talent Booking Manager

"Have Literally never felt so safe in my life!"

Stephanie Wilson, St louis, Mo 

Private Citizen

"Im a single mother of two, I contacted Peacemaker about possibly attending one of their courses thats for women. I spoke with the owner and instantly felt confident in my choice to call. The course was every thing advertised and more, our instructor had a wealth of knowledge and was a incredible teacher. Never have I felt so educated, empowered and safe in my life. I would highly recommend these courses to any women in this day in age anything is possible and these guys show you the way to protect yourself and others around you."

Martha Tibbetts. St louis,Mo 

Private Citizen 

"Ever since hiring these guys business has been booming and  my staff loves having them around. Theres something to be said for the level of professionalism each one of their team members brings to the table. Every day I'm pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail and tact. True Professionals. "

Darren Bush, Denver, Co