Peacemaker Defense Group
Peacemaker Defense Group

Executive Protection, Training, Consulting, K9 services

Executive Protection, Training, Consulting, K9 services

Who We Are

Executive Protection, protective security , home security, bodyguard, family security, security.

Peacemaker Defense Group is an Organization that offers a wide range of Executive Protection ,Intelligence capabilities, Private K9 services, supplementary services, training and security solutions. Based in St. Louis Missouri with locations in Florida, Georgia, California and servicing clients worldwide, our unique and innovative approach to the task at hand is effective, proven, and respected. With over 80 years of combined experience in federal & local law enforcement, Diplomatic security services , special forces, and private security, our teams have successfully protected clients and their assets all over the world. 

Executive Protection, Protective Security

executive protection, close protection, bodyguard, protective security, EP, PSD, Security

We provide tailored Executive Protection Programs that include close protection, secure travel logistics and the related  services needed to ensure client wellbeing, whenever and wherever. 

Secure Luxury

security driver, transportation , driver , executive protection. black car service. secure transport

With skilled drivers and a variety of vehicles, PDG is equipped to meet your unique transportation needs. Whether your need is daily driving for one or event transportation for a whole group, PDG will get you to your destination on time and in a secure manner. Our goal is to seamlessly handle every aspect of transportation, so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Tactical Firearms Training

Intro To Executive Protection

Security, Diplomatic protection, travel, security advisor. close protection, hostage negotiation

Global Travel, Exploration and Logistics

Business trips, Family Vacations, Romantic Getaways, Mission trips or Corporate endeavors  we offer you the Peace of mind,  and surety that your travels will be safe and successful. With capabilities and experience providing Close Protection, Hostage Negotiation, Intelligence, Cyber Forensics, executive protection and more our services are provided worldwide in locations such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Latin America. Having these Capabilities at your disposal will make your travel experience relaxing, safe, seamless and a success.

K9 Detection Services

K9 Training. Police K9, dog training, bomb dog, drug dog, protection dog, k9 services, bomb searches

Explosives, Firearms & Drugs

Drug Detection

A Narcotics Detection K9 is a Discrete and Confidential way to Detect the presence of  narcotics in your home, business, hotel or Venue

Confidential Searches

Worried a loved one, Tennant, student or employee is using?  Our Confidential searches allow you to discreetly confirm your suspicions without having to involve law enforcement. 

Explosives Detection

Our Explosive Detection K9 are the most efficient and crowd friendly way to find and deter bombs and or other explosive Components at venues, events, your place of business, worship and or your  home.

Personal Protection

Our Personal Protection K9 solutions are a different approach to protection. Thus enabling you to have different aspects covered by the K9


We source and train single and duel purpose k9s for sale to Law Enforcement and other. 

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Security Consulting

Security Consulting, security consulting, active shooter consulting, risk management, travel

Threat assessment is the basis needed to properly build an innovative and tailored security plan for every PDG client. Conducting a detailed Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessment, enables us to offer the best advice for your unique circumstances through identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risk.


Event Staffing & Crowd Management

Event security, Event planning, crowd control, security, nightclub security, event staffing, music

Our service gives event organizers the peace of mind they need to optimize the guest experience without compromising the safety of participants or the integrity of critical assets. Security Consulting in Ladue

Specialized Transport

Providing Logistical solutions and specialized transport for high value loads. Our goal is to discreetly and effectively transport your valuables. 

High Value Transport, Discrete Transport, Specialized Logistics

High Value Transport, Discrete Transport, Specialized Logistics

Family and Home Protection

Protecting what matters most

home security, landscape lighting, security lighting

Delivering real world applications and solutions to ensure the successful protection of you and your families. 

Family Packages

home security, family security

Providing interactive organic family protection packages. 

Home Protection

security lighting, security cameras, surveillance systems, butler, servants, home help.

From Beautiful Security lighting to surveillance systems, home staffing and more. 

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Child Protection and Nanny services

Nanny, child protection, nanny services, executive protection, close protection

Driven to Protect :

Each family has its own unique needs and requirements. We strive to go above and beyond delivering  premier and excellent services. Our Vast network of professionals allows us to provide your family with a reliable, trained professional. 

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Active Shooter Courses and Consulting

Peacemaker has established an Active Shooter Awareness Training known as (ASAT).  Our ASAT training works in any industry and organizations of any size. We can prepare your organization to respond to violence.

Our training instructor led classes provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent on conveying a political message through violence, ASAT training option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.

Protection and safety must be the priority in an Active Shooter event or Terrorist Attack. Circumstantial and operational concerns vary in every new situation. ASAT Training provides options and classes that address the unique challenges specific to Police/LE, K-12 Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Higher Education, Businesses, Government, and Houses of Worship.

active shooter, training, active shooter training,

active shooter, training, active shooter training,

Active Shooter Response for First Responders

Active shooter, active shooter response, first responder training. police training, Fire, Ems

Knowing what to do and how to do it is imperative. When seconds count Mistakes mean the difference between life and death. We strive to give first responders a realistic  approach to difficult tasks. Our ARMS course was developed to allow patrolmen to have the basic skillsets and knowledge available to them similar to that of a SRT or SWAT operator.  This course gives  each participant a new look at how to provide the services they do day in and day out but also integrates tactical application, medical and the psychological state of the victims and the attackers.  

POWER OF ONE defense & empowerment


Our team has extensive technical and management experience with the federal government and DOD/IC programs and operational support. PDG personnel provides the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the solution on time and within cost. PDG employees average 10+ years experience with many holding advanced degrees and certifications in technical and management specialties.


PDG employees have SME level experience in HUMINT, CI, OSINT, Deep web analysis and other IT solutions. They   have worked with a number of agencies including Department of Defense, Centers of Disease Control, Special Operations Command, Department of Homeland Security Investigations, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the FBI.

Intelligence, Investigations

Intelligence, Investigations

Security, research and development

Research and Development

We are committed to developing Programs, Procedures, and hardware to enable a vast spectrum of capabilities. With the dedication of enabling Teams, Departments and solo Operators to streamline capabilities. From organic applications to  research driven results we are proud to provide real world components, training and applications. 

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Your  unique business brings unique challenges. With over 80 plus years of combined experience in federal and local law enforcement, Diplomatic Security Services, Special Forces, and private security, our teams have successfully protected clients and their assets all over the world. By applying our proven, innovative and unique approach to protecting you and your business, we ensure that you won't fall victim to any of the dangers of the industry. 

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Peacemaker Defense Group

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“Peacemaker has a great team of professionals. Our staff always feels safe with them around. We have called them into service for staff security and property security and their response time is very fast sometimes within the hour. Excellent company with top notch people.”

Bill McCormac; News Operations Manager KMOV-TV

"My son went on vacation and after a week we could not get ahold of him, after exhausting countless hours with the local authorities a family friend referred us to Peacemaker Defense Group after a 45 minute conversation with the owner he had a local team on the case within an hour and his team in the air within the next few hours headed across the globe. Two days later they located my son safe and sound. These men are about their business and my family is for ever grateful to them. "

Bill Medina, New York, NY

"Great team, top notch service, I've hired them for events and personal services and both were handled professionally" 

Stephen Walters, St louis, Mo

Business Manager

"The first five words of the companies mission statement and any companies mission critical criteria.... difference between other Executive Protection Companies and this one is they actually keep these values uppermost in their minds every single operation. Something seldom seen nowadays in a ever growing industry where many fake it to make it. These guys are air tight 360 degrees. All bases Covered. Zero room for error. Excellent Company"

Travis Partyka, Army Ranger Veteran

"Highly professional, excellent service from the start to finish. We'll recommend Peacemaker Defense Group for our next Client"

Ot Sripetch, Chiang Mi, Thailand

Talent Booking Manager

"Have Literally never felt so safe in my life!"

Stephanie Wilson, St louis, Mo 

Private Citizen

"Im a single mother of two, I contacted Peacemaker about possibly attending one of their courses thats for women. I spoke with the owner and instantly felt confident in my choice to call. The course was every thing advertised and more, our instructor had a wealth of knowledge and was a incredible teacher. Never have I felt so educated, empowered and safe in my life. I would highly recommend these courses to any women in this day in age anything is possible and these guys show you the way to protect yourself and others around you."

Martha Tibbetts. St louis,Mo 

Private Citizen 

"Ever since hiring these guys business has been booming and  my staff loves having them around. Theres something to be said for the level of professionalism each one of their team members brings to the table. Every day I'm pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail and tact. True Professionals. "

Darren Bush, Denver, Co


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Peacemaker Defense Group

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