First Responder Courses law enforcement training

Knowing what to do and how to do it is imperative. When seconds count, mistakes mean the difference between life and death. We strive to give first responders a realistic  approach to difficult tasks. Our ARMS course was developed to allow patrolmen to have the basic skillsets and knowledge available to them similar to that of a SRT or SWAT operator.  This course gives  each participant a new look at how to provide the services they do day in and day out but also integrates tactical application, medical and the psychological state of the victims and the attackers. police training law enforcement training

3 Day Post Certified Patrol Course

PDG’s 3 day course offers departments the opportunity for their officers to complete the state required post-hours and further their education as professionals. This class pushes each officer to employ decisive reasoning and encourages outside the box thinking. It arms each officer not only with tactical medical knowledge, but also teaches constitutional law followed by practical application allowing officers to put what they have learned to the test. The threat of elevated risks is ever rising—our 3 day certified patrol course pushes each officer to become the best that they can be tactically and mentally to increase their success within the communities they police.

Urban Policing

Today in the United States of America, law enforcement is constantly in a state of flux. Statistics show that policing is changing and some urban areas are not enjoying the same rate of positive change. Urban policing examines how law enforcement has performed in the past and what effect it has had on urban communities. This class is designed to analyze those trends and methods that have been successful in change and describe the unsuccessful practices that initiated new tactics to be developed. Details related to over patrolling and its impact will be discussed; recruitment and retention of officers from urban areas will also be visited, along with future policies that may decrease the disenfranchisement of urban applicants.

Warrant Execution

Warrant execution allows the officers to learn to work as a team, understanding their individual impact, in high risk environments. Regardless of initial risk on a call, each officer executes specific tasks and operations – this course enables officers to understand what part they play when entering high risk environments and how to safely operate, both individually and as a team.





This is a 3 day Intro course where we cover the basics of executive protection, proper attire, formations, history, basic medical, CPR, Driving abilities, how to set up a vehicle, entry and exit of a vehicle, crowd management and mitigation and much more


This is a 6 day skillset based course. During this course students have the opportunity to learn methods and tactics inside and outside of the classroom. They will have their physical fitness, mental toughness and attention to detail tested and pushed. This course will cover evasive driving, shooting, medical applications and mission planning, security planning, and more. 

-Executive Protection Professional 

This is a 14 day course.