Cannabis Security and Transportation Solutions

Your  unique business brings unique challenges. By applying our proven, innovative and unique approach to protecting you and your business, we ensure that you won't fall victim to any of the dangers of the industry. 


Security Consulting


With our multitude of resources, Peacemaker has the unique ability to offer an all inclusive approach to security planning. Starting with facility blue prints, a customized security system overlay is created. After this baseline is set, the security policies and procedures are drafted and taught to all facility employees, as well as coordinating security officers and secure transportation. 

Security System Installation


After the security system is designed and your facility is ready, we install our top of the line equipment which can be accessed through the online portal and backed up to cloud storage. While you are away, dedicated servers monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure every event is captured. If an event is to occur, our professional forensic review specialists work with law enforcement to locate incidents reported.

Security Officers


Our on-site security officers not only provide protection for your licensed facility, but also  ensure compliance with state regulations on a day to day basis, including how to properly screen qualifying patients. PDG supplies local, experienced, and highly trained security officers fit for your industry and location specific needs.

Secure Transportation


PDG is a state-certified, seed-to-sale compliant, transport service that will safely transport cash and product between licensed cannabis facilities or banks, utilizing a network of armored and outfitted vehicles and a secure mobile transportation team. 

Facility Employee Training


In order to stay compliant with state cannabis and employment regulations, your employees will need a variety of onboarding and annual training courses.  To meet this need, Peacemaker provides the following  training courses: (1) security & safety procedures (2) emergency response (3) sexual harassment (4) diversity & cultural awareness (50) workplace violence

Protection Canines


The presence of a Peacemaker can and handler provides mitigation of risk, unmatched by any other method of security. This allows your business to carry-on with daily activities without incident.