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Cannabis Security and transport solutions

Your  unique business brings unique challenges. By applying our proven, innovative and unique approach to protecting you and your business, we ensure that you won't fall victim to any of the dangers of the industry. 

K9 security solutions

Our Experienced, tried and proven K9 teams bring a whole new level of protection to the table. For both Business and residential security the K9 allows our clients to enjoy peace of mind knowing that their business is not only protected by professionals but unrivaled four legged protectors. You will see our K9s deployed around the globe in numerous protection capacities, from privately owned family protection dogs,  to police multi purpose and military special warfare k9s our K9s are utilized by many.  


Lights, Cameras, recording

We offer at the latest and most advance security systems for your unique business. We start from the ground up by using your future or current blueprints to design a proprietary security overlay. Our company then installs and ensures that you have the right security system for your business. We do this by leaning on our years of experience to ensure that you have a safe working environment.

Protective Security

Our company caters to unique clients so we require unique employees. All of our personnel are hand picked and have undergone rigorous mission specific training for the post they will fill. Each team member is tasked with not only preventing loss of life and property, but also providing a unrivaled approach to protection services in a business setting.  Each one of our site specific team members not only ensures a safe environment to conduct business but also create a lasting  positive bond with your clients and employees. 


Cash Management Services


We simplify cash management for your business by employing proven and secure transport methods. Our distribution centers and networks are specifically designed to dramatically reduce risk, time, energy and funding needed to run the day to day operations of your business. Additionally, we offer management services  for clients that wish to cut costly investments in infrastructure and facilities.


Client Services

Ensuring the success of our clients is paramount . We offer secure transport to and from business meetings and secure meeting services to ensure each move  you make is a success. 

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Safety training

We offer industry focused safety courses for businesses and  their employees. Focusing on theft, robbery prevention, disaster survival and active shooter, our subject matter is easily digestive and organic information. 

" We exist to protect and enable protection-- that includes teaching others how to better protect themselves thus protecting their communities."