Our History

PDG K9's world class Protection Canine Program was founded to supplement the need for close protection of our clients during their day to day lives and while traveling. With a family of his own, PDG K9’s founder understands that protection is not the only important trait for a protection dog. He needed a fierce protector without sacrificing the traits of a best friend; a lovable and social companion that could give himself and his family peace of mind while away. Thus, the Peacemaker K9 was born.

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Executive Security

As a diplomat, dignitary, business executive, or celebrity; work often takes you away from home for long periods of time. A Peacemaker Protection Canine can act as a trusty travel companion, providing close protection and alleviating the loneliness that comes with traveling for long periods of time. 

Family and Personal Security

If close protection is not a concern during travel, our K9s can act as a family protection dog, keeping your family safe and comforted. Our K9s are one of the safest and most effective methods of protecting your family, giving you peace of mind while away.

K9 Security

 Our Experienced, Tested and Proven K9 teams bring a whole new level of protection to the table. Our corporate clients can rest assured that their business is not only protected by professionals but also by our trained and licensed four legged protectors. Our K9s are deployed around the globe in numerous protection capacities, from privately owned family protection dogs  to working with the police and military special warfare. Our K9s provide flexibility unseen in any other type of service.

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Unparalleled Training

The trainers at Peacemaker Defense Group have extensive expertise and backgrounds in the protection industry. Many have worked with and helped train dogs for the military and law enforcement. As such, we know how to mold a puppy into a fiercely protective, loyal dog. Our training program focuses on obedience, socialization, and real-world protection skills. Peacemaker dogs only take commands from members of their family. They are trained to listen and respect you whether they are on a leash or off. Our dogs are trained to ignore bribes and focus only on their family’s commands. For the socialization aspect of our program, we introduce our dogs to adults and children as well as other animals. We do this so that they can be social in any context whether on a plane, in a car or at a party. We train them to be attuned to their family, allowing them to be highly social with the ability to instantly switch to protection mode when a threat is detected. Our dogs also learn protection skills through "hands on" practice scenarios. Peacemaker dogs aren’t just taught routines. We teach them them how to act in a variety of situations that they could encounter  due to the lifestyle and demands of their family. Once a dog is trained and ready to be paired with a family, the handlers at Peacemaker will take the time to teach you all commands and will even run through practice drills with you and your new dog. This enables you to build trust with your canine companion so that you can become the team your dog and family needs. Yearly recertification of your dog is recommended and completely free of charge.

Breed Selection


Peacemaker protection dogs are not show dogs; they are the finest in K9 Protection. We work with several breeds that are known to be loyal and protective working dogs. Depending on your family’s needs and lifestyle, we will advise you on which breed is best. The breeds we train include German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois.

At Peacemaker, we offer the best-trained family protection  and working  dogs. We also believe in pairing the right dog with the right family and/or client. If your family has unique protection needs, contact us about securing the right dog for you. We have a process to match families with dogs that will best suit their individual needs, lifestyle and desires. From application to meeting your furry buddy, Peacemaker will guide you every step of the way. Your family’s new best friend awaits.